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Hello friends, This article is a part of the series name Start your journey in code. If you have followed my previous article and completed code training from, then you have learnt how to do code, and have a pretty clear idea on how websites, apps are crafted. Now with some of awesome coding powers in your control, lets check where you can use these powers to give a life to your imagination. There are many paths to choose from, main matter is in which you are interested. Some of them are:

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Games Development

Here in this article, I will try to explain Website Designing and Development.

Website Designing & Development

Do you know, What a Website is? Of-course! you know that, Because you are reading this article and it is present on appinem blog, which is a website. So lets get started.

Design your website with HTML and CSS

First of all, you need to learn HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language)  and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML is the language which helps you define the structure of website, For Instance, it helps to create skeleton of Website. And CSS is used to design and format that structure created in HTML. These two languages are collectively responsible for the look, structure and design of a website.
You can quick start learning from Udemy in detail by clicking here :

You can learn HTML and CSS in more fun and interesting way on Codecademy. Click here for HTML and CSS full course :

Animation and Validations using JavaScript and CSS

To make that design more interactive, we can add some behaviors like putting Animations using JavaScript and CSS Animations. CSS also have some tools which helps you to animate any element in HTML created webpage. Where JavaScript is also a way to use animations, and JavaScript also allows you to program behavior of elements of webpage. For Example, you want to show a message, if user have entered wrong information in textbox, or didnt mention @ sign in email address. This type of validation can be implemented by JavaScript. And what the interesting stuff is, you can animate and design those messages using CSS & JavaScript in combined manner.

You can learn JavaScript from Codecademy by clicking here :

TIP: jQuery is an extension of JavaScript. You can do more stuff in JavaScript by using jQuery. You can also learn jQuery on Codecademy:

Server-Side Stuff and PHP

After you have created your website, You need a server to store your website. A Server is a computer machine, which is connected to internet and serves the stuff which is requested by user. In our case, we want the server to serve website to users, when they request it by entering a web address e.g.: Dont worry, you dont need to purchase a computer, and connect it to internet. You can get a server on reasonable rent, which is maintained by a Web hosting company. After you get your server prepared, then you can upload your website on it.

Now if user request for a webpage from your server, then server will respond by serving that webpage to user. But What if, you have multiple users who access your site on a daily basis and request for their profile webpage, which have their picture, name and other personalized information. In that case, you need to create multiple profile webpages based on number of user accessing website. It will be a very tough work to create a single webpage for one user. And even more difficult if a new user access your website.

To make it easier, you need to use a program in server, which create a profile page for each user automatically. You can create that program using a Server-Side Language. And PHP is one of popular server-side languages. You can create and write code in that program using PHP. Code will tell program, to create a profile page for each user and respond that profile page to user. PHP helps us to modify the website automatically, as the user wants it.
You can learn PHP from Codecademy by clicking here :

Summing up all this stuff

You have to start learning all these technologies in order listed below. Because a technology in this list is dependent on its upper technology.

  1. HTML & CSS :
  2. JavaScript : |  (with jQuery : Optional) :
  3. PHP :

More from Codecademy

From codecademy you can learn all of the technologies required to build an awesome websites. Some of references to their courses are listed above. But if you learnt all of above stuff and ready to sharp your skills more, here are some links:

Even More!

Thats not the end. There is more of the awesome stuff is available on Codecademy to learn. Which includes courses which teaches you to, make a music website using SoundCloud API, Socialize your website using Twitter API, show videos and more stuff from YouTube on your website, and many many more. To access that amazing stuff, go to :

All the Best and Happy Coding

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