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Coding is a super-power, with which you can build awesome things like Websites, Games, Apps and even more beyond imagination. Coding is also known as Programming. If you dont know where to start learning this super-power, then you can get resourceful information about Where and How to start coding from here. But before we go further, let me just remind you that programming needs full dedication, passion and lot & lot of hard work to learn and expertise. So lets get started.



Basically, programming is to tell a computer (or any other device), how to do a particular job, by giving some instructions to computer. We can call those instructions, a program or code. For Example: A simple car toy is programmed to follow the instructions given by remote controller. If up button is pressed, then car receives the instruction to go ahead, if down, then come back and so on. We have to give instructions in a language that is understandable by computer. We can call that, a Programming Language. Different apps, websites are programmed in different programming languages. For Example, To program an Android app you need to write program in Java Programming Language.

In my opinion before directly learning any programming language, you should learn: How to program. Hour of Code by is best place to get started.


Hour of Code

According to stats, there will be more computer science jobs than number of students by 2020. Only 30% of jobs will be fulfilled because of lack of computer professionals. So, to cover this gap, takes initiative by launching Hour of Code to teach programming in a very simple way. In an hour, you will learn basics of programming, or you can say first step towards Computer Science.

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Some of big leaders in computer science (Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey) participate in Hour of Code to teach How to code. Anyone from any Age group (8+) can learn coding. And also you will get a certificate after completing Hour of Code. Here are some links that will help you to get started, you can choose anyone from below:

Check this video to learn more about Hour of Code:


After Hour of Code

So, If you have completed the Hour of Code. You can start Beyond Hour of Code to polish your skills that you have learned in Hour of Code. Beyond Hour of Code have tutorials of about 20 hours. Here is the link to Beyond Hour of Code section


After all of that

If all of this make you too curious and you want to continue further more after these 20 hours of coding tutorials, then there is a plenty of courses and tutorials on Take a cup of coffee with you and just follow this link to Code.orgs Studio Its not completed yet, I will post more articles in future as a sequel of this article. So stay tuned for more and Enjoy Coding.

Here is another inspirational video from, that you must see.

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